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Board Game Boards

Board Game Boards

A game board is the centerpiece of most tabletop experiences. We can make any number of folds and any size for the board game boards.


Chenlong: Your Trusted Board Game Boards Manufacturer

Chenlong stands as your trusted board game boards manufacturer, specializing in crafting custom board game boards of the highest quality. Whether you're seeking a custom board game plate or require precision-crafted game boards, our expertise surpasses industry standards. As dedicated game board manufacturers, we understand the importance of tailored solutions to meet your unique specifications. Chenlong is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring that each custom board is a masterpiece that enhances your gaming experience. Choose reliability, precision, and excellence with Chenlong – your foremost partner among game board manufacturers.

Specification of Board Game Boards

Material157 GSM C2S + gray board + wrapping paper
Available Thickness1.2mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm / 2mm
Folding method1/1 folding 1/2 folding 1/3 folding 1/4 folding 1/6 folding

Enjoy Your Social Life with Delicated Board Game Boards

Enhance your social life with finely crafted board game boards by Chenlong, your go-to board game board maker. Whether you're designing a captivating business board game board or exploring various options for recreational play, our commitment to excellence shines through. Immerse yourself in top-notch craftsmanship and innovative designs that elevate your gaming experiences. At Chenlong, we transcend the role of typical board game board makers; we create interactive canvases that bring joy to your social gatherings. Embrace the pleasure of play with our diverse array of board game boards, customized to meet the needs of both professional and leisurely pursuits. Uncover the possibilities and relish a new level of entertainment with Chenlong.

After-sale Service of Chenlong Games

As one of the best game board manufacturers, Chenlong Games is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sale service to ensure customer satisfaction. Our committed support team is ready to assist with any inquiries, concerns, or issues you may encounter post-purchase. Whether you have questions about game components, need replacement parts, or seek guidance on gameplay, we are here for you. Our after-sale service includes:

  1. Responsive Customer Support:

    Reach out to our responsive customer support team for prompt assistance. We aim to address your queries and concerns efficiently.

  2. Replacement Parts:

    In the rare event of missing or damaged components, we offer a streamlined process for obtaining replacement parts to ensure your gaming experience is uninterrupted.

  3. Guidance and Instructions:

    If you need clarification on game rules or guidance on setup, our support team provides clear instructions to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of Chenlong Games.

  4. Product Assistance:

    Receive expert assistance related to our products, from troubleshooting to understanding the unique features of your Chenlong Games. We are committed to ensuring you have a positive experience with our games.

Features of Board Game Boards


Environmental protection ink printing, safe and reliable.


As an experienced board game board maker, we have a variety of different paper and finish options to meet different custom board game boards needs.

Custom Board Game Boards Gallery

Chenlong specializes in creating custom board game boards designed for business success. Our expertise ensures that each board is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. Envision a distinctive playing surface for your business-themed game. Chenlong goes beyond standard designs, offering unique board game plates that captivate players and enhance the overall gaming experience. Our commitment to precision and craftsmanship ensures that every custom board game board is a work of art. From intricate details to overall design, we prioritize excellence in manufacturing. Choose Chenlong for customized excellence in board game board design. We are dedicated to delivering boards that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring a standout presence in the market.

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