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Board Game Tokens

Board Game Tokens

Board game tokens make the game more playable and increase the playability of the game. Tabletop game tokens enhance the sence of participation of game players.


Materials of Custom Board Game Tokens

Board game Tokens are indispensable accessories in board games, commonly made from materials such as cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal in the form of ordinary discs. They can be colored, printed, and subjected to various surface treatments in multiple ways.

The most preferred tokens are those made from gray board wrapped in paper.

Tokens made in this manner are highly practical for several reasons:

1. We can design them using a variety of printing methods.

2. They are lightweight, making them convenient for transportation and lowering shipping costs.

3. The tokens are durable and affordable.

These cardboard-made tokens are commonly referred to as "perforated tokens" as they are printed on cardboard and then pressed out into various shapes.

Specification of Board Game Tokens

Material157 GSM C2S + gray board
Processoiled, UV (customized)
Available Thickness1.2mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm / 2mm

Order process of Board Game Tokens

1. The customer submits a design proposal.

2. We provide a quotation based on the proposal.

3. The customer confirms the quotation.

4. Both parties sign a contract.

5. The factory issues orders for production.

Board Game Tokens Add Colorful Fun to Your Entertainment Life

Tabletop game tokens, commonly known as board game tokens or boardgame tokens, seamlessly integrate into various aspects of life, enhancing experiences in the following ways:

  • Social Interaction

Board game tokens serve as focal points for player engagement, fostering lively social interaction during game nights and gatherings.

  • Entertainment and Recreation

Elevate leisure and recreation through the colorful and tactile presence of board game resource tokens, turning gaming into a visually appealing and enjoyable pastime.

  • Cognitive Stimulation

Board game tokens, like clue game tokens, contribute to cognitive stimulation by prompting strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, making gameplay mentally engaging.

  • Stress Relief

Provide an outlet for stress relief and relaxation as individuals immerse themselves in tabletop games, creating moments of joy and diversion.


Custom Board Game Token Options

  • Cardboard Game Tokens:Immerse yourself in the charm of personalized gaming with our Cardboard Game Tokens. Crafted with precision and printed with vibrant designs, these tokens offer a lightweight and affordable customization option for your tabletop adventures.

  • Wooden Game Tokens:Elevate your gaming experience with the natural elegance of Wooden Game Tokens. Our custom wooden tokens bring a touch of sophistication to the table, featuring engraved designs that add a tactile and aesthetic dimension to your board games.

  • Metal Game Tokens:Unleash the allure of durability and style with our Metal Game Tokens. Precision-crafted from high-quality metals, these tokens are designed to withstand the test of time. Elevate your gaming sessions with the weight and luxurious feel of custom metal tokens.

  • Plastic Game Tokens:Dive into the world of versatility with our Plastic Game Tokens. Customized to your specifications, these tokens offer a lightweight and budget-friendly option without compromising on durability. Perfect for games that demand a balance of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Features of Board Game Tokens


Custom board game tokens made of selected environmentally friendly paper.


Using the German Heidelberg high-definition printing machine, the enlargement is also very clear.


The corners of the board game tokens are smooth and there will be no burrs.

Production Process of Custom Board Game Tokens

Design and Layout
Design and Layout

Firstly, the design and layout work is carried out to determine the appearance and patterns of the tokens. Computer design software is commonly used to ensure the tokens have aesthetically pleasing shapes and clear identifiers.


Next, the designed token patterns are printed onto paper material. The choice of printing technique considers factors such as the complexity of patterns, color effects, and durability.


After printing, the printed materials are mounted onto cardboard. Adhesives or heat pressing methods are employed to securely attach the printed materials to the cardboard, increasing the thickness and sturdiness of the tokens.


Then, a die-cutting machine is used to precisely cut the cardboard into the desired shapes according to the design plan. The accuracy and precision of die-cutting are crucial for the usability and durability of the tokens.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

After the cutting process, a quality inspection is conducted to ensure the dimensions, shapes, and printing quality of the tokens meet the requirements. This can be performed through manual inspection or the use of professional quality testing equipment.


Finally, the tokens are packaged for shipment. Packaging options may include boxes, bags, or other suitable methods, ensuring the tokens remain undamaged during transportation and storage.

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