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Dry Wipe Cards

The material of the custom dry erase cards is also very good, the picture is very good, the color layering is very good, and the details are in place.

The custom dry erase cards offered by Chenlong are exceptional in terms of material quality. The vivid and detailed pictures, along with excellent color layering, make these dry wipe cards a top choice for various applications, including dry erase flashcards. Explore our extensive range of premium dry wipe cards and enhance your learning or gaming experiences today!

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Benefits of Dry Erase Cards for Kids

Do you find it difficult to get your child to practice spelling and solve math problems because they would rather play and have fun?

If you are a parent or teacher, customized dry erase cards can make learning feel like play!

Our personalized dry erase flashcards combine education and entertainment, making learning exciting for children. With the use of customized dry erase index cards, you can help your child develop necessary skills in a fun and interactive way.

This tool is perfect for children who enjoy drawing and coloring with markers.

Each card functions like a personalized dry erase board for writing and leaning on.

It truly is the perfect way to make learning enjoyable for children!

Whether it's in the classroom or during after-school tutoring, personalized dry erase learning materials are an excellent way to encourage your child or student to learn creatively, independently, and artistically.

Specification of Dry Wipe Cards

Designprovided by customer
Number of sheetscustomized
Printing processcolor printing

Applications of Dry Wipe Cards

Dry wipe cards are a type of educational cards for children, characterized by the ability to be erased and rewritten. They can be applied in various aspects of daily life:

1.Alphabets and numbers learning: Children can use dry erase flashcards to practice writing letters and numbers. By repeatedly erasing and rewriting, they can improve their handwriting skills and enhance the ability to recognize alphabets and numbers.

2.Vocabulary and sentence construction: Custom dry erase cards can provide opportunities for children to learn new words and construct sentences. They can write down words and sentences, and modify them by erasing, to deepen memory and understanding.

3.Mathematics and geometry learning: Through the numbers and geometric shapes on erasable flash cards, children can learn mathematical and geometrical concepts, such as mathematical operations and shape recognition.

4.Creative expression: Children can use dry erase card for creative expression and drawing. They can write and erase to improve their artwork, nurturing their creativity and imagination.

The Perfect Alternative To A Whiteboard

Dry wipe cards are an innovative product that can be used as a substitute for whiteboards, and they offer numerous advantages.

Firstly, using dry wipe cards eliminates the problem of dust and stains associated with traditional whiteboards, ensuring a clean and hygienic working environment.

Secondly, dry wipe cards have a high-quality material with a smooth and flat surface, enabling repeated erasing without damage or residue, making them durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, dry wipe cards are highly portable as they are lightweight and easy to carry, allowing users to think and record anytime, anywhere.

Most importantly, the design of dry wipe cards is highly flexible, with each card serving as a separate working area, enabling users to organize and arrange the cards freely for better presentation and information organization.

Features of Dry Wipe Cards


Easy to erase and use repeatedly.


The dry erase card is printed with vegetable soybean ink, double-sided lamination, waterproof and antifouling.


Meticulous rounded corners do not hurt hands.

Custom Dry Erase Cards Gallery

Create your own custom dry erase cards with unique content, colors, and layouts. Make learning more enjoyable and personalized to your preferences. Say goodbye to wasteful paper flashcards. Our dry erase cards and dry wipe cards can be used over and over again, reducing environmental impact and saving you money in the long run. Crafted from high-quality materials, our dry erase cards are built to last. The sturdy design ensures that your dry erase flashcards withstand the rigors of daily use. Whether you're studying for exams, facilitating a workshop, or brainstorming ideas, our dry erase cards adapt to various situations. They're the perfect tool for interactive learning and collaborative sessions.

Unlock the potential of interactive learning with our custom dry erase card service. Elevate your study sessions, presentations, and collaborative efforts with the versatility and sustainability of our dry erase flashcards.

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Dry Wipe Cards FAQs


What makes Chenlong's custom dry erase cards stand out?


Chenlong combines high-quality materials, advanced printing technology, and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver exceptional writing surfaces and vibrant visuals. Their dedication to customization, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service make them a leading choice for anyone seeking personalized and functional dry erase solutions.


Do you offer samples or prototypes before placing an order?


Chenlong understands the importance of visualizing your final product. They offer sample requests and prototype development services to ensure you're satisfied with the design and functionality before committing to a larger order.


How are the dry wipe cards packaged and shipped?


Individually sleeved, huddled for strength, and tucked in sturdy boxes, they arrive safe and sound via express, standard, or global shipping. Track their journey and enjoy eco-friendly packaging, all with Chenlong's dedication to quality and care.

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