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01, 2024
How to Address Color Deviation Issues in Printing?
During the printing process, it is common to observe certain color deviations in different batches of printed products using the same file, attributed to factors such as paper choice, ink environment,...
08, 2023
How To Improve The Visual And Tactile Effects Of Printed Matter?
In order to make printed matter produce special visual or tactile effects, different production techniques will be added.This effect is generally composed of four techniques, namely bronzing, hollowin...
07, 2023
How to Make a Good Quality Board Game Card?
There are many factories that can make cards, but the products of most factories are low-priced and very poor-quality products. Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time and energy to find a good b...
07, 2023
How to Make a Board Game?
First of all, when you have a preliminary game idea, you should record it as soon as possible, so that it can be processed and promoted in the future.Second, systematic designHere you need to confirm ...
07, 2023
Board Game Manufacturers – How to Choose One?
When I first started making board games,I'm always worried,How can I find a factory to make my game,If their product is poorly done,cheap materials,Made not as designed,or the product is not up to...