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How To Improve The Visual And Tactile Effects Of Printed Matter?

In order to make printed matter produce special visual or tactile effects, different production techniques will be added.

This effect is generally composed of four techniques, namely bronzing, hollowing out, special coating and embossing.

1.Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is to put gold and silver and other thin metal materials Embossed onto text or graphics make it metallic.

2.Die Cutting

Die Cutting is Hollowing refers to the effect of pressing various perforations on printed matter through traditional printing knife boards.

3.Special Coating

Special coating refers to the coating of UV, varnish or other special materials added to the printed matter, so that the surface of the printing screen presents a specific effect.


Embossing is Relief refers to the effect of concave and convex on the pattern or text on the paper surface.So it is also called embossing.Two sets of concave and convex molds are used to make the relief effect.Place the paper product between the moulds.through a certain amount of pressure.

The paper will be deformed.Produce concave and convex three-dimensional effect.

These techniques are used in combination.

In addition to the changes of different printing materials.

It can produce ever-changing printing effects.