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What is the production process of a basic board game?

After we confirm the quotation, design and game testing of the board game, the next step is how to manufacture it?

Basic board game accessories include: cards, game boards, rules instructions and packaging boxes.

First of all, we need to select raw materials that can achieve the effect the customer wants based on the design plan. Cards, game boards, instructions and packaging boxes are usually made of paper as raw material.

Then we need to carry out layout design for each product design plan before industrial production.

After the typesetting design is completed, it is necessary to check whether the text is consistent. 

Once the typographic design has been checked for errors, the formal printing process begins. 

1. Make a printing plate.

2. Printed products

3. Product oil protection

If there are no special requirements for general instructions and cards, you can go directly to cutting. After edge treatment, you can package and produce.

Game boards and packaging boxes cannot be used directly. They need to be matched with cardboard. They often go through multiple processes such as cutting and mounting before they can become the final product.

In order to make board game products have better effects, generally cards, game boards and packaging boxes will undergo printing processes.

Products made of printing technology need to be produced by printing technology after printing is completed. After completing the printing process, proceed to the next step.

There are relatively few basic board game accessories, and the production process is relatively simple.

Advanced board games will add some accessories on this basis, such as dice, chips, plastic parts, wooden products, miniature models, etc.

These products can enrich the game and increase the playability of the game.