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How to improve the quality of board game cards?

CMYK four-color printing can help us achieve most design effects, but there are several colors that are very difficult to print. Due to the different types, manufacturers, and raw materials of each ink, the inks themselves are mainly different from different manufacturers, so there will always be deviations during the printing process, which we call color difference.

The color difference standard for printed matter in most areas is plus or minus ten percent.Within this standard, the color difference between purple and brown is very large due to parameter deviations.

The main reasons that cause their color cast are the following two reasons:

1. Ink color deviations from different manufacturers;

2. The final color difference caused by the color deviation of the paper itself.

First of all, ink problems are difficult to avoid. The only way is to match the color as much as possible.

However, paper itself also has colors. White paper generally has three states: high white, milk white, and natural white in between.

Due to the complementarity of colors, we try to use high-white paper when printing purple, and milk-white paper when printing brown. In this way, the finished product effect of the printed matter can be guaranteed.

In addition to these two colors, there are also "four-color gray" and "four-color black" that are recognized as the most difficult colors to print.

The color deviation of these two is particularly serious, due to the deviation problems of the ink and the paper itself. So basically the color can be verified accurately.

As long as a certain parameter is slightly off, the color difference of the playing cards printing will be particularly serious. If you want to avoid such printing accidents, you can use spot color printing, which can greatly reduce the risk of printing color differences.

But,no matter how good the copying technology is, the problem of color difference is unavoidable.Therefore, when developing products, try to avoid the above colors.

If there is really no way to obtain these colors, we can only use technology and experience to reduce the problem of printing color difference and provide customers with high-quality products!